Bolt Action Rifles ; Shotguns ; Rimfire ; Other Platforms ; Lever Action Rifles ; Short Barrel Rifles ; Sound Suppressors. Uintah Precision is the industry-leading bolt action upper receiver option for AR rifles.


Simply pin in place of your existing upper receiver, no modifications or changes need to be made to your lower receiver.

. 45 caliber projectile is tamed by our dual port muzzle brake. .

Unlike a semi-auto rifle, all the energy of the cartridge is spent on moving the bullet down the barrel and non is used to cycle the action.

. The Phantom USA AR-15 Bolt Action Upper Receiver Assembly is a Single-Shot, Straight-Pull, Side-Charge AR-15 Upper Receiver Group Chambered in. Guns & Ammo’s test rifle featured a 3 pound curved unit from Velocity Precision Engineering ($150, velocitytriggers.

435. Krieger Barrels manufactures custom, single-point cut-rifled barrels for bolt action, AR-15, AR-10, M1 Garand, M14, M1903 along with a variety of services.

Both the upper and lower are machined from 6061 billet aluminum.


. The tight lock up of a bolt action rifle also helps to maximize the energy exerted on the bullet.

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It uses an AR15 barrel, bolt, trigger group and mag. 223 Wylde; Barrel Conversions; Bolt Action Precision Barrels; Components; MÔS-Tek to Wear; MOS-Tek Upper/Lower Receiver Set; New Arrival; PCC; Ready to Ship. .

2422. In all honesty, the premise of the question is a bit ridiculous. The Solo 300 is something new in the AR-15 world; a manually operated, straight-pull bolt action upper that requires no buffer tube. . . While the AR-15 and clones have come a long way, they were never meant to compete with the accuracy of a bolt-action firearm.


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No two lug action, and very few three lug actions, can make the same claim.

Our complete bolt action upper receivers are designed to work with nearly any standard.

The flat top upper is mated to a.

At the low gas mode, my rifle can shoot suppressed in semi auto.