Dec 18, 2021 · WALTER has wrestled more than 20 matches for wXw since he debuted in NXT UK in January 2019.


The match was rated five stars by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer and here is John Canton’s review as well. The current NXT UK Champion WALTER has managed to bring some.


WALTER NXT UK Status Update.

This was the match that shot WALTER into the spotlight. Dec 28, 2021 · WALTER vs. .

WWE NXT Live Results For 1/18/2022.

Pete Dunne For The WWE United Kingdom Championship" h="ID=SERP,5762. 1 day ago · With the summer approaching, now it’s time to finally bring this thing to an end in a spectacular display of violence. .

. Dec 29, 2021 · After 870 days on top of NXT UK, WALTER was dethroned by Ilja Dragunov in a bonafide TakeOver classic.


If WALTER continues to make occasional appearances on NXT in the United States, the possibilities are.

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In NXT UK he is a former NXT UK Champion. .

Coming into tonight's WWE NXT, there were only two known matches for NXT Battleground, including the NXT Women's Championship Tournament Finals.


0 crowd didn’t sing along to WALTER’s.

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. Ilja Dragunov unleashes an incredible offensive onslaught against WALTER in a thrilling NXT UK Championship Match. In the days following the bout, it has now become the highest rated WWE match ever on cagematch. WWE taped matches for the May 26 episode of NXT Level Up ahead of the May 23 episode of WWE NXT. . It was a heavily pushed rematch between the two men from last year.

NXT Battleground 2023 airs live on Peacock on Sunday May 28.

Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon defeated Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend. .

The pair’s clash from October sits at number 37, with a.

Jacy and Gigi cut promos for the match, where all the trash talk made it clear that.

Ilja Dragunov has finally exorcised his demons, and ended the longest championship reign in WWE’s modern era.


Aug 24, 2021 · Prior to being defeated, WALTER had held the NXT United Kingdom Championship for 871 days.